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Exploring your family history or spiritual traditions is easier with help! Our experts will share practices that can deepen your spiritual journey, or join one of our genealogy workshops to learn how to find your ancestors.

We’ll help you enjoy the journey!  Lineage Journeys provides the unique perspective of the ancient spiritual traditions of North America and Europe along with research-based documentation of lineages, family histories and immigration pathways that define the heritage of the customer’s family.




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Meet Judy Nimer Muhn

JUDY MUHNJudy Nimer Muhn

Writer, speaker, blogger, presenter and researcher.  Judy has been researching her family tree from the age of 12, specializing in French-Canadian, Acadian, Native American, Scottish and Michigan, Ontario and Quebec research. Beginning as a professional genealogist in Europe in 1993, she has lectured at the National Genealogical Society’s conferences, RootsTech and RootsTech Connect, Federation of Genealogical Societies, as well as conferences in Europe and around the United States. She is currently writing a book of the matrilineal descent of her oldest female ancestor from Normandy, France. Traveling extensively around the world, Judy has visited and researched in the villages and archives of Germany, France, Scotland, Quebec, and Ontario where her or her husband’s family lived as well as the lineages of her Native family. Owner of Lineage Journeys, she conducts research for clients and offers presentations in churches, libraries and organizations.

Judy is a board member and chair of the Awards Committee of the National Genealogical Society, President for the Oakland County Genealogical Society, Vice President and Social Media co-chair for the Michigan Genealogical Council, Secretary for the GeneaBloggers, Delegate to MGC and NGS for the French Canadian Heritage Society, a founder of the English-Speaking Genealogists of Europe, NATO Chapter and a former AOL Genealogy Forum leader. A member of the National Genealogical Society, GeneaBloggers, Association of Professional Genealogists, Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan, Ontario Genealogical Society, Quebec Family History Society, Gratiot County Genealogy & Historical Society, Clan Elliot USA and Clan Campbell USA, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and many more.

Presentations & Articles

– Federation of Genealogical Societies, 2020 Conference (On-Demand) – Fundraising for Genealogical Societies, You CAN Take It With You: Mobile Technology for Genealogists, and Native, First Nations, Indian: Researching Indigenous People

– National Genealogical Society 2018 and 2020 Family History Conferences; workshops included – French-Canadian Migrations out of Quebec and Native, First Nations, Indian: Researching Indigenous People
– RootsTech 2018, 2019; workshops included – You CAN Take It With You: Mobile Technology for Genealogists and Acadian & French-Canadian Genealogy
· Finding Your Roots in the Digital Age, Rotary Club of Pontiac, June 2017
· So You Think You Are An Indian Princess? Native Genealogy Research, Waterford Genealogy Society “Lock In”, April 2017
· Canadian Research Tools & Techniques, Waterford Genealogy Society, January 2017
· What’s In A Name: Surname Variations & Clues to Ethnicity, Fox Run Genealogy Club (Novi, Michigan), January 2017
· You CAN Take It Will You: Mobile Genealogy,Oakland County Genealogical Society, December 2016
· Commerce Township Library (Commerce Township, Michigan), series of genealogy courses, Sept-Dec, 2015 and Jan-Apr, 2016
· Networking On-Line, in Societies & Newsletters andFrench-Canadian & Acadian Genealogy: Francophones in North America – National Genealogy Society, 2000 Conference in the States, May 31 – June 3, 2000 – Providence, RI
· The French-Canadian Migrations Out of Quebec and What’s In A Name: Clue to Ethnicity and Alternative Spellings” – National Genealogy Society, 1998 Conference in the States, May 6-9, 1998 – Denver, CO
· Four workshops: Surname Variations, Canadian & French Research, Researching on Location in the USA, and Beginners, Don’t Lose Your Census/Senses – Unroll Your Past, Present & Future sponsored by the Yuba City California Stake Family History Center, September 20, 1997
· Canadian Research and Surname Variations -Digging for Your Roots, Fifth Annual Genealogy Seminar of the Nevada County Genealogical Society, August 23, 1997

· Beginning French-Canadian Research, DSGR Quarterly, Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, December 2016
· The Burials of Ste-Anne’s Church: Finding the Dead of Fort Pontchartrain, Michigan’s Habitant Heritage, the journal of the French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan; Vol. 22, Commemorative Issue #1, January 2001
· Beginning Genealogy: Where, How to Begin and Researching On Location/Travel Research, English-Speaking Genealogists of Europe, NATO Chapter, Vol 1, April, 2017.


-Association of Professional Genealogists
-Detroit Society for Genealogical Research – Quarterly author
-Federation of Genealogical Societies
-French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan
-Gratiot County Historical & Genealogy Society
-National Genealogical Society
-Oakland County Genealogical Society – Corresponding Secretary


Lineage Journeys is here to help you find your way as you search for your family and the realities of their lives.  We conduct genealogy workshops, offer coaching as you do your research, and provide full-service genealogy help to those who want extensive support in finding and documenting ancestors.  Family history research is our journey together – let’s get you building your family tree.  Contact me for help with your research!

Specializing in:
Acadian and French-Canadian
Quebec and Ontario provinces, Canada
Midwest generally
Native American/First Nations/Indigenous – specifically Michigan tribes, South Dakota tribes and their histories, culture and family relationships

Fees for a one-hour presentation are $75 plus travel expenses (round-trip mileage calculated at the IRS reimbursable rate).  Fees for a day-long seminar (consisting of two one-hour presentations in the morning and two one-hour presentations in the afternoon) are $400 plus the following travel costs:

  • mileage or airfare (travel further than 5 hours will usually require flights, but can be negotiated … please ask)
  • transportation to/from airport (if flying)
  • airport parking (if flying)
  • 1 or 2 nights hotel stay – depending on the hours of travel time necessary and time of arrival in the presentation location (no host homes)
  • lunch during the seminar

All participants leave presentations with handouts that include tools, weblinks and suggestions necessary to do their own research.  Genealogical “coaching” is also available for family historians who want to do most of the work themselves.

For more information about having Judy speak to your group, please email judynmuhn@gmail.com.


Researching Acadian & French-Canadian Ancestors?

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