Workshops offered (and the recent locations where they were offered) include:

  • Beginning Genealogy ….Commerce Twp Community Library, Yuba City Family History Center, etc.
  • Beginning French-Canadian Genealogy …NEW – RootsTech 2018! .. National Genealogical Society Conference 2000, English-Speaking Genealogists of Europe-NATO Chapter, etc.
  • What’s In A Name: Clues to Ethnicity & Spelling Variations ….National Genealogical Society Conference 1998, Fox Run Genealogy Society
  • French-Canadian Migrations Out of Quebec ….National Genealogical Society Conference 1998
  • Using Tips & Tricks ….Wayne County Community College
  • Mobile Genealogy:You CAN Take It With You! …NEW!  RootsTech 2018 ..Oakland County Genealogical Society
  • Native American Research ….NEW!  NGS Conference 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan …Yuba City Family History Center, table expert for Oakland County Genealogical Society
  • Making Sense of the Census ….Commerce Twp Community Library
  • No Dead Ends:  Finding Your Way Through Family Road Blocks ….Commerce Township Community Library
  • Social Media and Genealogy Research ….Commerce Township Community Library
  • Where There’s A Will, There’s a Way ….Commerce Township Community Library
  • Library Research:  Finding Paper Trails Others Created ….Commerce Township Community Library
  • Seeking a Higher Source: The Records of Faith Communities ….Commerce Township Community Library
  • Hitting The Road: Genealogy Road Trips ….Commerce Township Community Library, Yuba City Family History Center, etc.
  • Native American Research ….2017 Waterford Genealogical Society “Lock-In”, Oakland County Genealogical Society
  • Ontario, Canada Research ….Waterford Genealogical Society

Please call directly for topics & experience (topics can be customized)

Prices, fees for workshops include travel time, mileage and preparation.  Please contact me at or 248-736-7770 for more information and to discuss your needs!

We’ve found that as we deepen our relationship to our ancestors, many are interested in the spiritual or religious history of their family, perhaps as part of a personal search for meaning.  So we provide guidance, information and support through various workshops, personal assistance and ceremonies. Contact us for more info!

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